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ZimmWriter is an AI content generation tool developed by Matt Zimmerman. ZimmWriter in combination with SEO tools like Page Optimizer Pro has been able to achieve fantastic results on Google as shown in the screenshot below. In this ZimmWriter review I will cover all the features and results of using one of the best AI content generation tools currently available.

What Is ZimmWriter

ZimmWriter has been taking the AI community by storm. The powerful tool can generate fantastic AI content at the click of a button. The results can vary. However, many of these articles have been able to rank on the first page of Google. The tool was created by Matt Zimmerman from Ranking tactics. ZimmWrtier utilizes Open AI API’s and your computers desktop to create exceptional AI content.

Features Of ZimmWriter

Zimmwriter Features

ZimmWriter has a list of four current AI content generation feartures. Those are as follows,

  1. 1-Click Blog Writer
  2. SEO Blog Writer
  3. Bulk Blog Writer
  4. Local SEO Buffet

For this indepth ZimmWriter review, I put each AI feature to the test for over four months. I will cover each one in detail and inform you how they performed in Google.

1-Click Blog Writer

The 1- click blog writer in ZimmWriter I found to not perform as well as I had hoped. Whilst it is extremely easy to use, simply enter in your target keyword and the AI generator will produce the content. I found the results we not satisfactory. If I take the time to create content, I do so with the aim of it ranking and supporting other content. After I produced a few AI articles with this Zimm feature, I stopped using it.

ZimmWriter SEO Blog Writer

The SEO blog writer feature offered by ZimmWriter is by far the one of the best AI content tools I have used to produce content that ranks and is easily consumed by any reader. The problem with most AI tools is that the content created usually reads horribly and doesn’t perform well on Google. I have found that the SEO blog writer when used in combination with other tools like Page Optimization Prop (POP), you can rank and even take the top spot on Google. I have even provided examples of this in the sections below.

How To Use The SEO Blog Writer

How To Use The SEO Blog Writer

Unlike the 1-click blog writer, this AI content generator enables you to edit many of the intups from the tool, in this example, I will use the keyword “How To Repair A Leaking Tap.” You can then add the keyword to the SEO title and the ZimmWriter software can automatically produce additional headers required for your article. While you can do this I would recommend gathering the data from POP to help you create more accurate headings. You can also dictate how long and how many H2’s and H3 headers you would like to implement within your article.

Once you’ve setup your headers you will need to configure the AI article generator. With ZimmWriter, you can create lists, tables, FAQ’s and even tick the box to help pass AI detection. In fact in the article used in this example, I have selected that box, so let’s see how well it stands up against AI detection. I would suggest using personal and professional tone when inputting the structure of the communication. That helps with a more first-person feel.

Finally, ZimmWriter will allow you to enter in as many additional keywords as you could want. This is where I place all of the keywords from POP. That will help you place the appropriate keywords within your article to help it rank well on Google.

Bulk Blog Writer

bulk blog writer in ZimmWriter

The bulk blog writer is similar to the 1-click writer, only on a larger scale enabling you to create up to 70,000 words of content in one go. You can also edit many of the features you would find in the SEO blog writer, the tone of voice, enable list, tables, FAQ’s and even boost the detection of being real. This feature used to only be for up to 10 blogs. However, recently the ZimmWriter team has updated that to the current amount and it is rumoured that it will be increased even further.

The results I found with the bulk blog writer were mixed. Some of the articles would not be index while others were ranking on the top page of Google. So, accurate results of the outputs were alwaysed varied.

Local SEO Buffet

 local SEO buffet

The local SEO buffet is the ideal SEO city geo location page builder. You simply enter in the city and the service you offer in that location and let the ZimmWriter do the rest. In fact, you can enter up to 25 different locations and services your business provides. You will need to enter some additional information such as unique selling points, the benefits of your using your service and the business name.

Essentially, this is a mass page builder without the creation of the actually pages. The content is usually of good quality, and spun uniquely enough it can get indexed. However, my team has never uploaded one of ZimmWriter city pages as produced. We have always edited the final product to ensure it is indexed and ranked.

Results Of ZimmWriter AI Content

Results Of ZimmWriter AI Content

This ZimmWriter review wouldn’t be complete without a field test of the AI content tool. Thankfully, we have prepared a test. Currently we are sitting in position two for the keyword “carpet cleaning SEO.” This is a ZimmWriter article. However, we did include the optimization recommendations from POP. We are so checking from outside of the US at the time of writing this review. However, most SERP tools still show us somewhere up the top across the states for the target keyword.

Does ZimmWriter Pass AI Detection

For the purposes of this test we ran the article “How To Repair A Leaking Tap,” through two AI detection tools one paid and one free. Unfortunately, the ZimmWriter article failed both tests.

Content At Scale AI Detection

Content At Scale AI Detection

Unfortunately, it appears that this ZimmWriter article failed the free AI detection test.

Originality AI Detection Test

Originality AI Detection Test

The article didn’t fair too well when tested y originality AI, a paid AI detection tool.

ZimmWriter Price

ZimmWriter Price

ZimmWriter price will depend on the package you select. Currently, there is the life time deal for $197. Or you can purchase the monthly subscription at approximately $10 per month.

It is important to keep in mind that you will require an Open AI API to run ZimmWriter which will cost you a few cents to create each article. On average, I found that overall cost per article was $.35. Incredibly cheap for each article.

Pros And Cons Of ZimmWriter


I have found ZimmWriter to be an exceptional AI content generation tool. Though this test didn’t pass the AI detection, it is our go to content generator. The fact the tool is extremely cheap is an enourmous benefit. Most AI content tools are demanding monthly subscriptions with what can only be classified as ridiculous mark ups. ZimmWriter’s cost is extremely well priced and fantastic value for money.


In my reviews I ensure that I provide accurate and non bias information. That’s why I do have some con’s with the ZimmWriter,

  • Failing AI detection: Even though Google has stated that AI detection is okay, I like doing the opposite of what Google states. It’s always the safe choice
  • Can’t Edit Lengths: I would love to be able to set the content length. My team produce content that matches the SERP, I want ZimmWriter to be able to set the length of the content.
  • Desktop Installation: The reason ZimmWriter is a lot cheaper is because it is installed on your desktop and not a cloud based software. This drives down the cost but it means that each team member must have their own tool installed on their computer.

Use ZimmWriter With Other SEO Tools

All Ai tools can be great, however, If you want to achieve the results that we have been able to achieve you will need to utilize ZimmWriter in combination with other AI tools like POP. You can also use other tools like Frase and Surfer to help maximize your edge of your competitors.

Final Thoughts On ZimmWriter

In the ZimmWriter review I wanted to ensure that I cover all aspects of the tool. I wanted to see how it would perform in Google and if it would pass AI detection. I can confirm that with the help of tools like POP, you can end up on the top of Google. The AI content creator has the best value for money when compared with other expensive AI tools like Jasper. We could never seem to achieve results like we can now with any other tool. For the one of price of $197 or a monthly subscription at $10, it is well worth it, so enjoy ZimmWriter AI.

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