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You can have the best product catalog in the world, but it only translates to more sales if your customers know how to find you. At Osborne Digital Marketing, we help online retailers achieve the visibility necessary for success with our eCommerce SEO services.

Our team of Fort Lauderdale specialists understands the nuances necessary for better search ranking on platforms like Google and Bing, while also helping you boost your customer experience through elements like content marketing and paid advertising. Whether you’re looking for a niche like fashion eCommerce SEO or even B2B online sales, we’re here to help. How do we do this? Keep reading.

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eCommerce SEO Research

Search Engine Optimization

As an eCommerce SEO expert, we take the time to research the strengths and weaknesses of your current online store. Once we’ve fully analyzed the data, we’ll work to come up with a plan to help you ensure better rankings, more website visitors, and an increased number of paying customers. Unlike traditional search optimization, the bigger part of this process includes looking at your target market and determining exactly how they use search engines to discover and purchase products.

SEO Keywords

Local Keyword Research

Using the right keywords is important when it comes to eCommerce SEO. Our Fort Lauderdale marketers take extra time and care to ensure the terms you’re ranking for accurately match up with the items in your inventory or your overall brand message. Let us handle the keyword research process so you don't have to.

On-Page Optimization

The things you do on your website to improve your overall search visibility are important. Our Osborne Digital Marketing team will work to ensure there are no harmful elements in your website code that could harm your overall search engine ranking. Furthermore, we’ll check for things like page speed and load times to ensure shoppers are happy when they do arrive on site, making it more likely they’ll stick around to browse your inventory and make a purchase


When it comes to eCommerce SEO, transparency is important. Ensuring that you always know what our efforts are doing to increase your visibility and grow your sales is important. Each month, you’ll receive a detailed report covering what we’ve done and the respective data that goes along with it—giving you the opportunity to see why working with us is such a wise decision.

What Customers Have to Say
About Our eCommerce SEO Agency

We don’t like to brag, but we have quite a few eCommerce SEO customers who are happy with what we’ve helped them accomplish. Take a look

Reece Walker
Reece Walker
Amazing content. Highly recommend
Allan /
Allan /
Great information and very helpful!
Ethan Radi
Ethan Radi
Found Osborne through youtube and they have provided excellent knowledge that i can use in building my small business into something much bigger, highly recommend their services and expertise.
Terry Croom
Terry Croom
Very generous and helpful information 👍
Ronald is an absolute pro in digital marketing. I’ve been watching his YouTube videos on Search Engine Optimization and they’re so insightful! I also use his SEO audit template when analyzing competitors. Amazing work!
Boris Dinaburg
Boris Dinaburg
Seams He know what he is talking about
I didnt use their services yet but I watched all Youtube videos and I love their approach to SEO, im thinking of doing business with them,
Iamiah Bartlett
Iamiah Bartlett
Ronald, you've provied me with the value of an SEO strategy that works to produce a successful campaign. Many thanks!!!
Anshul Badjatya
Anshul Badjatya
Osborne Digital Marketing is the best digital marketing agency in Florida. I highly recommed them. Their service is awesome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is SEO Important for eCommerce?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for eCommerce for numerous reasons. First, when your brand is easier to find on Google or Bing, you’re much more likely to bring in traffic that you can convert to paying customers. Second, it enables you to add products to retail-specific sales channels, like Google Shopping.

What Are Some Benefits of eCommerce SEO?

When it comes to getting more attention for your online brand, eCommerce SEO and organic traffic are definitely something you’ll want to pay close attention to. After all, when most people need a product or service these days, they turn directly to Google to find it. If your website isn’t showing up on the first or second page of results, you could really be missing out. With our team’s help, you can ensure that the right people are finding your online store at the right time when they’re looking to make a specific purchase.

Do eCommerce Sites Need SEO and PPC?

Absolutely! As you already know, a comprehensive omnichannel digital marketing strategy is very important for any eCommerce business. By taking into consideration what’s required for better organic traffic and knowing how pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can streamline your sales, you can achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently.

Is WordPress the Best for SEO and eCommerce?

When it comes to choosing a platform for your eCommerce website, there are a lot of different options. From a search engine marketing perspective, WordPress is great in terms of functionality for on-page SEO. However, major online store platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce still have a ton of different ways to help you rank your page more efficiently, too.

Can I Receive a Free eCommerce SEO Audit?

Yes! Our Florida eCommerce SEO team is ready to help you with all of your digital marketing needs. Please get in touch with us today to discuss your needs or to learn more about our affordable eCommerce SEO packages.

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