Why is SEO Important to a Business?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is how a business can make sure that their website shows up when people use search engines to find a product or service. Search engines like Google have their own way of selecting websites that show up on the first couple of pages to make sure that they are relevant and reliable. This is the main reason why it’s important to know how to best present the website.

SEO Creates Visibility and Web Traffic:

Needless to say, most people do not go beyond those first couple of pages. Therefore, businesses need to make sure that their page clearly communicates relevancy and trustworthiness to Google. SEO services help achieve that through numerous methods that remove website errors, discrepancies and add relevant content that helps improve the status and ranking of websites. One of those methods is creating ‘organic’ traffic, which means it doesn’t come through paid ads but rather as a result of the website pages themselves being presented appropriately. Organic traffic has been shown to be a major source of all revenue, providing three times as much traffic as paid sources, so it should be prioritized in the long term. Higher visibility is a result of higher ranking, which immensely affects website traffic. What is more, a single increase in ranking on average increases the click through rate by 31.7%.

SEO Builds Trust:

People don’t tend to question the highest results on Google. However, in the rare occasions they go past the first couple of pages of results, they become less trusting of the websites they find. That is because search engines aim to always put trustworthy pages as the first results. As a result, ranking higher has become synonymous with credibility.

SEO Has A High ROI:

Marketing takes up a significant part of any company’s budget. SEO marketing is a long-term but rewarding strategy because it focuses on inbound marketing, which draws people in by themselves, as opposed to outbound marketing such as cold-calling which offers a service that was not requested. According to estimates, in a three-year period, the ROI can range from 317% to 1389% depending on the industry.

Do it for the Users:

Even if a person just entered in your website from a link or business card and bypassed a search engine completely, they will appreciate the usability of a website that has been optimized. Other than behind-the-scenes work, SEO also makes websites more beneficial, understandable and easy to navigate. In short, SEO does to websites for users is what Apple did to user experience. Moreover, Google Search Central on Twitter announced this year that they will be prioritizing pages based on user experience in their algorithm.

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