An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

The vast majority of businesses have websites because an online presence is essential; statistics show that most people find their information online on search engines and visit a company’s website before making a purchase. It then seems logical that you need a good website. A good website has many characteristics including accessibility and good design, but is it enough? The answer is no. The next section explains why.

Why do I need SEO if I have a great looking website?

Most people will find your website through a search engine. If it looks good to a human, it doesn't mean that it looks good to Google and other search engines. In a practical sense, this means that when your potential customer searches ‘watches for men’, your page that sells watches for men might be on the third, fourth or tenth page, where nobody goes. This means that every day that your page is not showing up on the first page under the relevant searches, you are losing many potential customers and, therefore, money.

How does SEO make my website better for search engines?

SEO encompasses many interventions that make the search engine robot choose your page to be on top. They include identifying critical errors, neatening up the website's code, adding files that are important for search engines to understand the page, changing the text to align it with essential keywords, removing duplicates, loading speed and many more parameters.

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