What Does Consulting A Pay Per Click Specialist Really Change?

If you want to boost your business’ growth and website visits, you have definitely considered doing pay per click ads at some point. Pay per click (PPC) ads include Google search ads since, by definition, you only have to pay when your link is clicked. If you have properly tweaked your website to rank higher organically, there is still a lag period that it takes for it to move up. That is a great time to invest in some pay per click to get your website noticed earlier and see more immediate results while you wait for the more sustainable investment in SEO to pay off. Once you decide to reap the pay per click benefits, you might start wondering whether you should manage your own pay per click campaign. After all, websites do their best to make it easy for you. Unfortunately, not hiring a Google AdWords consultant could lead you to lose opportunities that you won’t even realize during all your campaigns. There are specific elements that Google looks at to determine where and whether to place your ad. Let’s go through some of the important ones.

Use Targeted Keywords

Not all keywords are created equal. Some of them will cost you much more than others and be more difficult to rank in. Remember – just because you paid for a keyword does not mean you will rank when it’s searched. Choosing the right keywords can reduce your bid price, which is the price you pay per click. It can also give you more bang for your buck.

Improve Your Quality Score

Another important concept in pay per click advertising is what is called a “quality score.” This is a score that ranges 1 to 10 and it’s an algorithm created by Google that scores the relevance of where your link leads to. In simple words, an insurance pay per click result for a “pet store” search would have the lowest quality score because its relevance is non-existent. A Google AdWords specialist would make sure that your Google ads display the right thing to the right search and lead them the right way. A less obvious example would be if a lawyer pay per click marketing campaign had a Google ad personalized for a specific service but the link leads to their main landing page that doesn’t mention that service but rather have general information about the company. This situation can affect the quality score as well. A low quality score would mean that the campaign would cost you more and gain you less so it’s best to get it right from the get-go.

Give The Reader A Great Landing Page

Other than the quality of the ad, the quality of the page it leads to is also important to the search engine. You have to pay attention to things like loading speed, user experience and other things that make your website desirable to search engines.

Use Geo Targeted PPC Ads

Location targeting is another factor that, when used well, can save you money and bring your website traffic at the same time. When conducting a Google PPC analysis, a specialist can identify a cheaper but just as lucrative area to target. The keywords that you have chosen may not be popular at all in the location you’ve chosen despite seeming perfect. Every choice needs a cost-benefit analysis and the best choice isn’t always the obvious one. Basically, it is no secret that having a specialist manage your google pay per click ads will add a little bit to the cost, but when your campaign is done properly that cost can actually be offset by your savings from not wasting your Google ads budget on expensive and extremely competitive keywords. Contact us  to see what PPC can do for you specifically.

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