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PPC (or pay per click) is a strategy that utilizes creative ad campaigns carefully targeted to your ideal customer. Our PPC management team has the knowledge and expertise to craft and manage your Google Ads to ensure your campaign consistently attracts quality leads. You may recognize them as the ads you see at the very top of search engine results pages. In fact, you have probably even clicked on them. PPC ads require a well-defined target audience and a high level of expertise. We help businesses across West Palm Beach with proven Google Ads management techniques, and we can help your business, too. Our team has first-hand experience on what it takes to create successful Google Ads campaigns. We learn your audience and your goals, recommend an optimal ad budget, design your campaign, and ensure it continues to boost your ROI. We’ll help you increase your qualified leads and improve the bottom line of your West Palm Beach business with our Google Ads management services.

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Higher Return on Investment

As a digital marketing strategy, PPC ads are renowned for providing a high return on investment—and quickly. We’ve seen many West Palm Beach businesses experience results almost immediately after launching. Our team will work with you to ensure your PPC strategy maximizes your budget, and if there is a way for you to pay less for conversions, we’ll find it!

PPC Is For All Businesses

PPC campaigns can be designed for any business or budget. We’ve seen our pay-per-click services work for West Palm Beach businesses in every industry, and we are confident our team will find a way for it to fit into your company’s overall marketing strategy. PPC advertising provides a deep understanding of your target audience, connects with them in creative ways, and utilizes strategies to increase brand recognition and leads.

Targeted Data Insights

Additionally, PPC provides a wealth of valuable data. Our experts will help you understand the data and glean useful information for your future PPC campaigns and overall marketing strategies. Our Google Ads management team in West Palm Beach uses this data to refine your targeting and maximize your ROI.

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Reece Walker
Reece Walker
Amazing content. Highly recommend
Allan /
Allan /
Great information and very helpful!
Ethan Radi
Ethan Radi
Found Osborne through youtube and they have provided excellent knowledge that i can use in building my small business into something much bigger, highly recommend their services and expertise.
Terry Croom
Terry Croom
Very generous and helpful information 👍
Ronald is an absolute pro in digital marketing. I’ve been watching his YouTube videos on Search Engine Optimization and they’re so insightful! I also use his SEO audit template when analyzing competitors. Amazing work!
Boris Dinaburg
Boris Dinaburg
Seams He know what he is talking about
I didnt use their services yet but I watched all Youtube videos and I love their approach to SEO, im thinking of doing business with them,
Iamiah Bartlett
Iamiah Bartlett
Ronald, you've provied me with the value of an SEO strategy that works to produce a successful campaign. Many thanks!!!
Anshul Badjatya
Anshul Badjatya
Osborne Digital Marketing is the best digital marketing agency in Florida. I highly recommed them. Their service is awesome.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If SEO takes a couple of months for my business to rank, is there anything you can do to start generating new leads now?

Absolutely, we advise all our clients who select our SEO services to use our PPC package. This gives you the benefit of appearing on the search engine quickly while the SEO process improves in the background. Plus, if you take both these services together, you will receive a discount.

How much money should I invest in PPC campaigns?

That depends on your monthly advertisement budget. It is a general practice that most businesses will spend 10%-20% of their revenues on advertising. However, that might not be what you need. Contact us so we can better understand your situation.

If we don’t spend all of the money on the ad campaign, what happens?

We would develop an accurate plan on how much your monthly budget should be so that no capital is wasted. We also cap all of our budgets to avoid going over budget.

How do you charge for PPC campaigns?

We will draft a specific quote tailored for your unique business. That way, we ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment, with no hidden surprises.

Do you only do SEO and PPC for Google?

No. We work on all search engines and can provide ads on Bing, Yandex, Yahoo and Baidu.

If I sign up for a more extended subscription, will I receive a discount?

Yes. The longer your subscription, the more significant your discount. Plus, this will ensure that you get to the highest ranking. SEO does take time, so you need to be seriously committed if you want to be successful.

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