What Is The Shine Ranker Tool

The Shine Ranker tool was developed by Chase Reiner. An SEO specialist that had enough of the overpriced and inefficient SEO tools that are self-proclaimed as the perfect SEO tool. This article covers an in-depth detailed Shine Ranker review. We cover all the benefits and features of the tool, along with the pros and cons of each feature. We even evaluate the performance of the keyword tool against some well known SEO tools such as SEM rush and Ahrefs.

shine ranker review

What Are The Features Of The Shine Ranker Tool

A large positive for the Shine Ranker is the abundance of tools the development team has packed into this new SEO analyzer. Here is a list shortlist of the ways you can use the new tool,

Additionally, Shine Ranker has a tone of tutorial videos that help you navigate and utilize each tool for maximum efficiency.

Manage Your SEO Clients

The ability to manage your client's SEO campaigns within your SEO research tool isn’t new. However, most tools place restrictions on the number of client sites you monitor. At the time of writing this article, there is no restriction on the number of clients you can manage within the Shine Ranker tool. Uploading a client's site into the tool is a simple and effortless process. You simply click the “Add A Project,” and insert your client's domain.

shine ranker manage seo projects

Traffic Checker

The traffic checker feature enables you to enter your client's domain and determine a keyword's current and previous rank, whilst identifying the search volume for that keyword. We like this feature because it is simple to use and the detailed user interface doesn’t become so overwhelming.

When we compared Shine Ranker against SEM Rush and Ahrefs, we discovered that Shine Ranker has identified the lowest volume of keywords that could be generating traffic for the site. Ahrefs identified a total of 255 keywords that could bring Chase’s website visitors. However, when it comes to SEO tools identifying keywords that identify domain traffic, all SEO pros know that these tools can be inaccurate and should be taken with a grain of salt. Especially as the results from SEM Rush were almost the same as Shine Ranker's results. Perhaps Ahrefs is overcompensating the domain's keywords.

Shine Ranker Traffic Checker Vs SEMrush & Ahrefs

shine ranker traffic checker

When we audit Chase Reiner’s website with the Shine Ranker tool, it shows a total visible 158 keywords displayed. The keyword traffic checker also displays the positions of those keywords currently. We believe the Shine Ranker needs improvement because there is no easy way to identify the total number of traffic visitors a website might achieve with its current keyword ranking. Including this feature would make it easier to picture the overall traffic these ranking keywords bring in.

SEM Rush Traffic Checker

semrush traffic checker vs shine ranker

SEM Rush doesn’t appear to be showing a drastically different volume of keywords when compared with Shine Ranker. SEM Rush identifies a total of 172 tracked keywords.

Ahrefs Traffic Checker

ahrefs traffic checker vs shine ranker

Ahrefs shows a significant increase in keywords that Chase’s domain ranks for. A total of 255 keywords were identified by Ahrefs.

SEO Audit Feature (AKA Shine Audit)

This SEO tool has what is known as the Shine Audit. The name variation is due to the unique abilities this website audit tool is composed of, such as determining if the website has Google analytics installed and if there is an SSL certificate. These features are powerful tools if you’re auditing potential clients' websites. Another plus for the lead gen option.

The SEO audit is very similar to the layout of Screaming Frog and provides that amount of in depth detail. However, the Shine Ranker SEO tool outperforms Screaming Frog with its ease of use and its ability to export all URLs effortlessly.

We believe that the Shine Ranker is miles ahead of the competition when performing SEO audits. Sure, Ahrefs and SEM Rush go down an extra level, but the Shine Ranker shows you all the essential information that would impact SEO keyword rankings. Such as ensuring the H1 on the page aligns with the SEO keyword title. Search engines have been changing titles that do not match the page, which can significantly impact your client's click-through rate. This small but significant feature allows you to assess each page of your client's site effortlessly.

Shine Ranker SEO audit tool

Shine Ranker Keyword Research Tool

You’re probably here to see how the keyword research tool stakes up against the competitors and we will be sure to show you just how well the SEO keyword tool performs. For the purpose of assessing the SEO tools, we will use the keyword phrase: SEO Keyword Tool.

research tool for keywords with shine ranker

Shine Ranker Keyword Results

Chase’s SEO tool gave us average monthly searches of 1600 and medium difficulty. How does the tool calculate the keyword difficulty? Shine Ranker utilizes intitle results to determine how difficult the keyword may be to rank for. This approach is similar to the golden keyword ratio. Where the higher volume of monthly searches and lower intiles results, will provide you with a favorable keyword to utilize in your SEO campaign. Additionally, you are able to assign the keyword you just researched (and all the relevant keywords) to your client's project.

shine ranker keyword research tool assessing difficulty

Ahrefs Keyword Results

The famed keyword tool had a monthly search volume of 800 (US Based) and an extremely difficult keyword rating of 98.

ahrefs keyword research results

SEM Rush Keyword Research Results

SEM Rush has a total monthly search volume of 1900 and a difficulty of 100% which places you in the next to impossible category to rank for.

semrush keyword research vs shine ranker

Keyword Research Results

It appears that all three tools have indicated that SEO KEYWORD TOOL is next to impossible to rank for. However, Shine Ranker did seem to give a glimmer of hope. The Shine ranker keyword research tool appears to be very closely aligned with SEM Rush. Their results have been very close when analyzing domains and performing keyword research. The intitle result that Shine Ranker provided, we believe, paints a more accurate picture of determining how challenging it would be to rank for a specific keyword. Why? Because the tool gives you several how many other people have put SEO effort into creating content around the keyword you are researching. Knowing information like that can make or break an SEO marketing campaign.

Content Editior And AI Content Generator

One of the newest features of the Shine Ranker Tool is the content editor. The content editor is similar to Surfer and Fraseio. You enter a search query that you want to create content for, and then the SEO tool searches the top ten results and pulls the keywords you should place within your post if you desire a shot at ranking on page one of Google.

The tool has a handy gauge that will increase as you write out your post to align with the content editor's recommendations. Like other tools such as Frase, the content editor will reveal how long your content needs to be, how many images must be embedded within the content, and how many heading and paragraphs you will require.

content editor on shine ranker

AI Content Tool

With AI technology increasing, it was the correct choice by Chase Reiner's team to incorporate an AI content writing tool into the Shine Ranker. As with many AI tools, it is not meant to do all the work for you. As you can see below in our picture, only one small paragraph is generated when we type in “SEO Keyword tool.”

content editor with seo keyword tool

AI Writing Tool Results

When we entered the keyword phrase we have been targeting throughout this review, the AI generator created one whole paragraph. The content generator wouldn’t generate enough content for you to enter in one idea and try to have an entire blog post written by the AI tool.

seo keyword tool with ai helping to show awesome content

What we did was take several other key phrases and enter them into the AI generator, creating small content snippets for this AI article. As you can see, the tool did create a tone of content that was based on each entered phrase. This process also increased the content score as we now have a total score of 20.

shineranker ai generator tool

Shine Ranker AI And Content Editor Results

The fact that this tool allows you to generate significant AI content for FREE is a powerful motivator to utilize it. The content editor offers you insight into your competitor's articles without performing timely, individual SERP research. Like all AI tools, their results are just not there for you to use this content in a blog without editing. There is a lot of content fluff and self-repeating that AI tools tend to do. The great thing about the content editor is the layout and the ability to edit all content within the post. Additionally, you can perform all of the keyword research and share a link with a writer. This will help cut down on miscommunication and your writer will be able to understand what is expected of them for a successful piece of content.

Video Tutorials

The challenge with using any new SEO tool is adapting to how it performs its operations. Thankfully, the Shine Ranker team has thought ahead and created insightful video tutorials on how to operate the features. All topics are covered by the team, and they have put extensive effort into creating a fast responding and supportive team.

Cons Of Shine Ranker

There are a few cons to consider for the SEO tool. Being honest for the price, we believe you can’t go wrong. However, some minor details would help Shine Ranker compete against the most powerful SEO tools.

  1. Backlink Assessment - Currently there is no way to assess the backlinks coming to your site with the tool. Chase, has mentioned that he is planning to build this feature out in the near future.
  2. There Is No Chat Bot - SEM Rush has a chat bot that allows you to communicate with techs immediately. This feature would allow for faster communication with the support team.

Who Should Consider The SEO Tool

Any digital marketing agency or SEO technician should consider investing in the SEO tool. A significant amount of analysis shows that the Shine Ranker performs incredibly well. Chase has been promising consistent improvements to the tool, and so far, he has been delivering on his promises. This can be only good news for supporters of ranker Chase Reiner.

How Much Does Shine Ranker Cost

Shine Ranker has two pricing options. The first one is a monthly fee of $75 or an annual payment of $354. Shine Ranker is incredibly well priced for the features it offers. There is no comparable tool on the market for this price. A standard SEM Rush subscription is charged at $229 per month. Significantly more than Chase’s tool. Additionally, there is a free ten day trial period for Shine Ranker.

Final Thoughts On The New Tool

The Shine Ranker SEO tool is a powerful asset for any digital marketer. The tool performs keyword research close to its largest competitor and, in some cases, provides significantly more data on keywords and phrases than the most prominent players. The intitle utilization is a brilliant way to determine the competitiveness of a keyword, which is why our team consistently uses it.

For the price point, there isn’t a better tool for SEO techs. $354 annually or $75 per month is significantly cheaper than its competitors. The volume of value the tool offers is too good to pass up, and if you're still unsure if it is the right tool for you, there is a 10 day free trial. At the same time, some items need improvements, such as the AI content generator and creating a backlink assessment tool. The Shine Ranker is a perfect, inexpensive tool for beginner or experienced SEOs.

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