Helping A New Client Recover Lost Rankings

The Problem

Our sales team reached out to this Florida retirement community because we noticed their keyword rankings had significantly declined due to the Google update. Once we explained that the recent update was the cause for this impact, the client was interested. Apparently, they had been wondering why leads were decreasing.


Increase the lead volume to its original levels.


The main reason we saw our new client drop in rankings was because of the Google core web vital update (CWV). This new update will penalize any website that does not offer an exceptional experience for the user. Our web development team improved the load time and user experience to align with Google’s new requirements.

Our client was utilizing keywords that were inappropriate to their business objectives. After extensive keyword research, we were able to include keywords that would result in quick rankings and more traffic.

We are only four months into the campaign, however, we have achieved a wonderful result for our client. We have almost doubled the number of total ranking keywords and we were able to increase the traffic by 36%.

Period Total Traffic Total ranking Keywords Keywords ranked on page 1 Keywords ranked on page 2
Sep 2021 303 63 7 4
Dec 2021 412 117 12 13

September 2021

December 2021

I found it excellent how Ron and Eugene would explain everything along the way. Eugene's monthly meetings were very straightforward and to the point.
Joan D
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