2000% Increase In Web Traffic With SEO and PPC

The Problem

In mid-2021 our international business consultant wanted to grow their business through PPC. Our client utilized a firm based in the US to help grow their American client base. Unfortunately, the results were short-lived and our client engaged with us because they were displeased with the results of their previous PPC agency.


Increase organic traffic to the website with SEO ensuring that our client generates new leads.


We began working on the website in the latter part of July 2021. Our team discovered that the previous agency had inappropriate landing pages for the PPC campaign and was why our client saw poor results. We cleaned up all site errors and ensure the customer had a terrific landing page. We reduced the PPC budget and put our efforts into the SEO components. Thankfully, our client chose an aggressive approach and this allowed us to maximize their results in a short time period. The campaign is still ongoing. We aim to remove all PPC from this campaign in a few months as organic traffic continues to increase.

Period Total Traffic Total ranking Keywords Keywords ranked on page 1 Keywords ranked on page 2
Aug 2021 23 243 2 8
Dec 2021 502 570 68 100



I'm a marketing director in Dubai and we hired Osborne Digital Marketing after several other providers really underperformed. These guys are really great, explained everything, and got our company stores ranking in close to a dozen locations around the UAE
Alice B
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